DOOM Snags A Springtime Release Date, Plus New Trailer And Collector’s Set


On May 13th, Hell will once again open up and spew forth creatures of all grotesque variations. Thankfully, we’ll be able to fight back, with guns and a plethora of bullets (and their contemporaries) in hand.

The good thing is that I’m not talking about real life, and am instead referencing Bethesda’s DOOM reboot, which now bears that very springlike release date. The powerhouse publisher, and its friends at id Software, just revealed said launch news via press release, alongside a brand new trailer and details surrounding the game’s collector’s edition set.

In addition to a “battle-worthy metal case,” DOOM‘s “premium collector’s edition” will ship with a twelve-inch tall statue that bears the resemblance of one of the game’s most notorious demons. Known as the Revenant, it’s a creature that only Satan could love, and its likeness will be immortalized on an LED-lit base that also incorporates a spinning turbine. Pray for your wallets now, though, because this TriForce-created beast will come with a $119.99 USD price tag, which equates to about $165 CAD.

Those who pre-order DOOM ahead of its May 13th release date will also secure themselves some bonus content, in the form of the game’s Demon Multiplayer Pack. It will help you get ready for battle, thanks to “a unique demon armor set with three skin variations, six metallic paint colors and three id logo patterns that can be applied to weapons and armor, plus a set of six Hack Modules – one-time consumable items that can give you an edge in a multiplayer match.”

Stay tuned for more Hellish info as DOOM continues to develop towards a debut on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


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