DOOM Unto The Evil DLC Heralds New Demon, Weapons And Three New Maps


New armor, taunts, a demon and three all-new multiplayer maps are bound for DOOM in the form of the Unto the Evil DLC.

Set to launch “in a couple of months,” the add-on will mark the shooter’s first paid-for expansion; that said, Bethesda has plenty of plans for DOOM that won’t cost users a penny.

Over the summer, the publisher plans to roll out a series of free updates targeted at the game’s multiplayer mode, heralding the addition of a new capture-the-flag mode called Exodus, along with a multizone capture mode named Sector. There’s also word of tweaks coming to DOOM‘s SnapMap, with additional modules, props, and functionality all in the pipeline.

The official word from Bethesda reads as so: “All the new free content coming to DOOM, including new SnapMap tools and Hell visual themes, plus new multiplayer modes including fan favorites like Classic Deathmatch, capture the flag, and capture & hold. [Bethesda] also shared news around the game’s first DLC pack, Unto the Evil, which includes three new multiplayer maps, new equipment, a new weapon, and the Harvester–and a new player-controlled demon.”

If you’re yet to pick up DOOM, don’t fret; for a limited time, Bethesda’s hellish shooter will be available to play via a free demo, opening up the first level of the game’s campaign for one week only. Beyond that, in a similar fashion to Fallout 4, the studio also plans to introduce VR support, allowing you to explore the dark recesses of hell.