Double Dragon: Neon Free For PSN Plus, New Gameplay Video

This past week Majesco Entertainment announced that Double Dragon: Neon will be free for PlayStation Plus members when it launches later this September. The offer is only good until January, after that it will cost you the standard non-Plus rate of $9.99.

Along with the good news for PlayStation Plus subscribers, Majesco also released a new video showing off about a minute of “bodacious” 2-Player “Bro-Op” gameplay from Double Dragon: Neon. For those who are old enough to fondly remember the original arcade brawler, or its NES port, the video will bring on some serious Déjà vu, although this time in beautiful HD.

In addition to the classic brawler action, WayForward has also packed in some new extras into the Double Dragon remake. There are now team-up moves, enemy juggling, and the ability to find songs for your “Mix-Tape, which holds your special powers and upgrades”.

Check out the video below, and look for Double Dragon: Neon on PSN on September 11th, or XBLA on September 12th.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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