Double Dragon: Neon Lights Up PSN And XBLA This September

Majesco has announced that Double Dragon: Neon will be released for the PlayStation Store and XBLA on September 11th and September 12th, respectively, just barely making the publisher’s original Summer release window.

Developed by WayForward Technologies, Double Dragon: Neon is an HD reboot of the classic arcade game (or its classic NES port, if you prefer) starring Billy and Jimmy Lee on their beat em’ up quest to save Marian from the awesomely named Skullmageddon. The game features both local and online co-op, 2D side-scrolling action, and plenty of high-fives!

Those looking to get in on all the Double Dragon action will need to scrape together 800 Microsoft Points or $10 in digital money on PSN. Either way, that’s going to be a much easier process than trying to get the stupid money changer down at the arcade to take your scrunched up dollar bills.

Source: VG247