New Double Dragon: Neon Media Released

Majesco has just released some new screenshots and gameplay footage to hype up its impending release of Double Dragon: Neon. The screenshots show off various environments, weapons, fighting moves, and perhaps best of all, the ability to summon a giant dragon made of fire to rain death down on your enemies. What’s not to like?

The new gameplay footage shows off a rocking 80s-styled soundtrack complete with guitar licks and vocals, killer geisha girls, and as a futuristic-styled level that comes with monitors displaying one of the villains, who does not appreciate protagonists Billy and Jimmy Lee smashing his expensive equipment.

Double Dragon: Neon will be available for download on September 11 on the PlayStation Network and September 12 on Xbox Live Arcade for $10 or 800 Microsoft points. The game will also be free for PlayStation Plus members until sometime next January.

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