Double Dragon: Neon Now Available For PSN And XBLA

If I had to guess, more than a handful of gamers just started drooling uncontrollably when they read that title.

Today, Majesco Entertainment has released Double Dragon: Neon, an HD reboot of the classic Double Dragon arcade series.  Anybody who is old enough to remember dropping a whole week’s allowance into an arcade machine and walking away totally satisfied will have plenty to do in the weeks to come.

In case you forgot, Double Dragon follows Billy and Jimmy Lee as they beat down streets filled with baddies on the way to rescue their mutual love interest Marian. The now-classic co-op experience has been completely rebuilt by Majesco, and the arcade style should feel more than familiar to fans old and new alike.

You can pick up this homage to a classic for $9.99 or 800 MSP, and if you subscribe to Playstation Gold, then you’ve got until next January to snag it for free.

Be sure to check back later for our review of Double Dragon: Neon later this week!

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