Double Fine Adventure Adds New Kickstarter Rewards

With the Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter project closing in on $2.2 million, slightly exceeding its original goal of $400K, the studio’s CEO Tim Schafer has update the campaign page by adding new rewards to thank existing backers and attract more before the campaign ends in 17 days.

The new rewards, which are stacked so that backers get the rewards in both their tier and the tiers below theirs, provide backers with; a digital soundtrack of the documentary ($30 tier), a special edition boxed copy of the game and documentary ($100 tier), and The Double Fine Adventure Book (digital copy $60 tier, physical copy $500 tier).

Additionally, a new video with Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert has been released that features the two developers discussing their personal history with adventure games and things they would do differently on the new project. The video, embedded below, runs about 35 minutes and provides some amazing insight from two guys who created and shaped the adventure game genre.

Source: Joystiq

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