Double Fine Kickstarter Game Could Be Titled The Cave

Last Wednesday (February 22nd) Double Fine Productions filed a U.S. trademark for The Cave, citing their intention to use the name in “video game and computer game software”. Naturally, this has lead to speculation that the trademark could be the title for their upcoming Kickstarter funded point-and-click adventure game.

Given the timing of this trademark it seems likely that The Cave is in fact the Double Fine Adventure game, however, there is always the possibility that it is just one of many potential titles or that it actually has nothing to do with the Kickstarter campaign at all. Basically, don’t take The Cave to be the actually name of the game until it is announced as such by Double Fine.

Currently the Double Fine Adventure has attracted over 66,100 backers who have contributed almost $2.28 million ahead of the campaign’s closing date of March 13th.

Source: Siliconera