Ron Gilbert’s Double Fine Game Characters Announced Through Puzzle Form

So a Knight, an Adventurer, a Scientist, a Monk, a Hillbilly and a Time Traveler walk into a bar. The bartender looks up and he says…well, nothing, because he’s just as confused as we are. However, Double Fine’s Ron Gilbert seems to know some sort of connection between this motley crew.

Ron has been releasing the names of the playable characters that will appear in his in-development Double Fine game, through his personal blog, Grumpy Gamer. Each of the characters is being announced on a puzzle piece and, from the looks of it, we have at least one more character reveal to look forward to. Hopefully it will answer our questions, or at least lend to an easier joke.

Wait…wait..I got it!  And then the knight says, ‘That’s no dragon…that’s my wife!”

I’ll see myself out.

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