Double Fine’s Massive Chalice Ends Its Kickstarter Run


Double Fine, the independent game studio founded by famed developer Tim Schafer, already made history with the Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming point-and-click adventure Broken Age, with over $3 million made via pledges. Now, the studio has finished its second attempt at Kickstarter funding with the tactical fantasy game Massive Chalice, and has found success yet again.

The original goal was to raise $725,000 for the game, and the final result was a whopping $1,229,015. Though not on the same level of success as Broken Age, it is still more than enough to get it made.

With Massive Chalice, the developer has promised a game inspired by such titles as Fire Emblem and XCOM, with unique individual player units participating in turn-based combat on multiple level grids, as well as the ability to create bloodlines by having your characters produce offspring.

We will keep you updated as more news regarding Massive Chalice develops. In the meantime, feel free to post your thoughts on the game and Kickstarter campaign in the comments section below.