Double Helix Reveals Brand New Killer Instinct Character, Sadira

killer instinct Sadira

Many fans speculated that last week’s Killer Instinct character tease may be a redesign of the original game’s B. Orchid, but it turns out that Double Helix was actually introducing a brand new female fighter named Sadira.

Outside of the very short reveal trailer (embedded below), nothing is known about Killer Instinct‘s newest character. From what we can tell Sadira appears to have several grapples/attacks that involve “spider webs”, which she uses in conjunction with wrist mounted blades for some devastating combos.

Sadira is the fifth fighter that has been revealed for Killer Instinct (Jago, Sabrewulf, Glacius, and Thunder have also been confirmed), which means that there are only three other characters (one more launch day fighter, and two that will be released as post-release DLC) that have not yet been announced. We can only guess how many of those remaining three slots are brand new characters, but we have to think that Double Helix has left a spot open for fan-favorite Orchid.

Check out Sadira’s debut trailer below, and look for Killer Instinct to launch alongside the Xbox One sometime this November.