King Doric Shows Off Dragon Quest Heroes In New Trailer


Dragon Quest fans can now rejoice, as the latest entry in the long running JRPG series, Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below, will arrive in North America next month. In anticipation of the release, publisher Square Enix have dropped a brand new, action packed gameplay trailer, which can be seen above.

Combining the fantasy of Dragon Quest and the gameplay of Dynasty WarriorsDragon Quest Heroes looks to be a unique and different take on the established series. With its release date quickly approaching though, gamers will have to decide whether or not to place a pre-order.

If they do end up pre-ordering, and do so through the PlayStation Store, they’ll receive a Dragon Quest branded PlayStation 4 theme and a special in-game weapon for Yangus, called the Goolden Axe. Making things more complicated is the $99.99 Slime Collector’s Edition, which includes a physical treasure chest filled with exclusive DLC and other goodies.

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While Dragon Quest Heroes may not be the game that fans wanted Square Enix to bring over, it may control the fate of the series in North America. If Omega Force’s action title is not successful, then it would be hard to justify bringing over future instalments, despite the series being a phenomenon in Japan.

It’s very strange to think that one of the most successful RPG series ever has everything riding on a musou game, but that is exactly the predicament that Square Enix is in. Hopefully, the future of the underperforming series will become a lot clearer on October 13, when Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below releases on PlayStation 4.

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