Dragon’s Crown Will Have Competitive Multiplayer


Gamers looking to lay the smack down on their co-operative partners after a troublesome journey can rejoice, as a recent article in Famitsu has revealed that Vanillaware’s upcoming brawler Dragon’s Crown will have player vs. player arenas.

While details are scarce, it appears as if it the new game mode will simply be an arena that will allow up to four people to fight with their characters both online and offline. The game, which is a throwback to old arcade titles like Shadows Over Mystara and Golden Axe, has six playable classes with a large leveling system, which should make for some interesting match-ups.

The addition of a competitive game mode sounds like a simple and fun addition to what already looks like a promising game. However, until Dragon’s Crown is released, there is no way to actually tell if competitive play is in any way balanced. Considering the way some characters appear to rely on grappling, throwing and heavy combos compared to magic casters who take a bit of time to start their elemental barrage, there might be a bit of an unfair advantage.

While the game is designed to be a co-operative experience first and foremost, hopefully Vanillaware will have taken a bit of time to ensure that some players aren’t punished simply for their character choices.

In any case, players can start exploring the world of Dragon’s Crown when it launches on August 6th for the PlayStation 3 and Vita.