Dragon’s Crown Dev Vanillaware Teases All-New Project; Full Reveal Pegged For Tokyo Game Show


Vanillaware and esteemed Japanese publisher Atlus are primed to team up for another project, according to a teaser website and a nebulous trailer that were released by the latter company.

Offering up little-to-no information beyond this announcement, the footage above merely confirms the talent that will be on board, with nary a mention of the game’s genre or the kinds of gameplay mechanics we can expect. Then again, considering that the pair’s last collaboration, Dragon’s Crown, proved to be a deep, engaging RPG, don’t be too surprised if they remain in a genre that is both considered familiar and appealing to their core install base.

According to the clip, Atlus and Vanillaware will reveal additional information for the all-new title in September, and all signs point to an official reveal taking place during Tokyo Game Show, which runs from September 17-20.

Today’s admittedly scant tease will no doubt pique the interest of those who picked up and played Dragon’s Crown. Released in 2013 across PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, Vanillaware’s side-scrolling RPG whisked four players into the mystical Kingdom of Hydeland, as they ploughed through waves upon waves of enemies and bosses. Despite some controversy regarding its approach to female character design, Dragon’s Crown proved to be a solid take on a dormant genre, channelling the likes of GrimGrimoire and Odin Sphere with its fantasy aesthetic and lush visuals.

Alas, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll learn more about Atlus and Vanillaware’s latest outing until Tokyo Game Show in September, but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate wildly in the meantime.

Source: YouTube

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