Dragon’s Crown Getting Day One Voice Pack DLC, Free For A Month


Dragon’s Crown, the upcoming 2D multiplayer brawler published by Atlus and developed by Vanillaware, is currently scheduled for a simultaneous August 6th release on both the PlayStation 3 and the PS Vita. Atlus has revealed an initial piece of day one downloadable content for those who wish to customize their experience a bit in the form of a Voice Pack.

Owners of the DLC will be able to replace the game’s default narrator voice with one of the six playable characters, those being the Amazon, Dwarf, Elf, Fighter, Sorceress, and Wizard. To sweeten the deal, the pack will be available free of charge when it first launches alongside the game. It will stay this way for a month, after which it will start costing $1.99 for those who didn’t already download it.

We will keep you updated on more news regarding Dragon’s Crown as its release date approaches.