Dragon’s Dogma Demo Releasing Next Week

Capcom‘s relative silence on Dragon’s Dogma has been just a little worrying. It looks like a great game, but does it play like a great game? The answer to that will be revealed next week and you’ll be able to find out for yourself.

A demo is planned to go live on your digital marketplace of choice on Tuesday, April 24. Players will be able to play through two classes and scenarios. The fighter, a melee expert with skill in fighting the ol’ fashioned way, and the strider, a rogue-like class focusing on quick combat with a bow and daggers. The demo will also allow players to customize their in-game character.

The game itself is still planned for release next month, packaged with a voucher for the Resident Evil 6 demo.

What say you, gamers? Looking into this one?

I’m afraid that what looks like a great game might slip under the radar of many gamers. Hopefully the demo will change that.

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