Dragon’s Dogma Owners Can Now Access Capcom’s Resident Evil 6 Demo Via Xbox LIVE

Those who’ve invested their hard earned funds into a brand new (Xbox 360) copy of Dragon’s Dogma are in for a treat. Why is that? Well, Capcom just announced that its promised Resident Evil 6 demo is up on Xbox LIVE, though only for the aforementioned crowd.

In order to gain access to this early trial for one of this holiday season’s most anticipated titles, one must take a trip to the Redeem Code portion of the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. That’s where the code featured on the back of each Dragon’s Dogma manual must be inserted, allowing the download to begin. Once all of that is complete, and the file has magically nestled itself inside of the selected harddrive, it’s go time.

Note: In order to play the demo, you must use the Dragon’s Dogma disc.

Like many of the industry’s digital offerings, the Resident Evil 6 demo is a timed Xbox 360 exclusive. It will not become available to PlayStation 3 owners until September 3rd.