Dragons In Minecraft?

It’s never a good thing to be on Twitter at four in the morning. In fact, it’s a terrible idea and most the time you’ll find yourself the next morning wondering why your tweets read like the following:

“I wonder what the pay difference between a female and a male porn-star is?”

“I want Udyr to kill Tibbers once and for all.”

I assure you, the list goes on, but I’ll assume at this point you understand how of an bad an idea it is to Tweet while tired. That being said though, sometimes good things come from being on Twitter at four in the morning (so long as you’re not the one doing the tweets). In this case, it’s Notch announcing a new mod for Minecraft on his Twitter account.

Puff the Magic Dragon!

It would appear that Dragons are next up on the list of things that will haunt your dreams. It’s an awesome addition, and I can’t honestly wait to see what Notch adds next (I really hope it’s a Kraken).

Also, Notch hasn’t made it clear if this thing is going to benevolent or malevolent. He also hasn’t given us a solid release date, or really anything other than “The texturing isn’t finished yet so don’t expect it to look like this when it get’s released”. It’s unfortunate, but at least we’ll have dragons soon… hopefully.

As a final note, make sure to check out all the pictures Notch has posted so far.

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