Drakengard 3 Coming Exclusively To PS3 In 2014


So Drakengard 3 is the prequel to the original Drakengard, is that right Square? I’d personally opt to name it Drakengard Negative One if it were me, but that’s probably why I don’t work for a major videogame publisher. At any rate, we now know thanks to a press release from Square Enix earlier today that Drakengard 3, the latest entry in the company’s action-RPG hack-and-slash (and fly-and-slash), is a real game that is coming to the PlayStation 3 in 2014.

Drakengard 3‘s story actually sounds pretty interesting according to what we know so far – it centers around a peaceful period in Draken-history (hey don’t look at me like that – the series takes place in an “unnamed medieval world”) where three goddess-like sisters have brought calm and prosperity over the land. Of course, there wouldn’t be a game if this wasn’t going to get disrupted somehow, and when eldest sister Zero attempts to take out her siblings via death-by-dragon, things get hairy and the player must jump in and help.

According to Square, the gameplay includes aerial battles on the back of the dragon Mikhail. Awesome! But also according to Square, Zero herself is the one who enlists Mikhail’s help in her attempt to kill her sisters. Is it a typo? Has the main plot twist been prematurely revealed (Mikhail = the player)? There’s probably a logical explanation, but it jumped out at me.

Whatever the case, Drakengard 3 promises to bring back the series “signature brand of action,” so as a Draken-fan you ought to be trembling in your Draken-boots with excitement by now. Sorry, I’m done with Draken-jokes now. Draken.

To come full circle, I’ve thought of a better name for the game than Drakengard Negative One. Ready? Drakengard Zero. As in, it’s a prequel to original Drakengard, and the main antagonist is named Zero. BAM. Hopefully my check is in the mail.