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Driftboards Will Stay In Fortnite For Season 8

Epic Games have confirmed that the much loved Driftboards will remain in Fortnite for season 8, which should make a lot of people happy.


Season 8 of Fortnite could be a real make or break moment for the current king of the battle royale genre. Sure, it’s still one of the most popular games around, but a lot of people were pretty surprised when Epic told us that revenue had dropped by 50% in January. Then there’s Apex Legends to consider, which refines the genre in new and exciting ways.

Still, there’s lots to look forward to in Fortnite Season 8 and Epic’s been teasing us quite a bit ahead of its official start on February 28th. What exactly they’ve got planned is still unclear – though some kind of nautical/pirate theme seems likely – but we now have one more thing to forward to, and that’s Driftboards remaining in the game.

Though some had feared this next update might be removing them, Epic has confirmed that they’ll stay right where they are for Season 8, meaning you’ll be able to continue pulling off epic stunts and tricks as you race around the map. We should note though that the developer only mentioned that they’ll still be available in the v8.00 update, so they could potentially be taken out at a later date. But for now, at least, they’ll remain.

“Having fun catching air and nailing tricks with the Driftboard?” the developers asked over on Reddit. “Good news, it’ll still be available in the v8.00 update! Keep sharing your favorite clips with us.”

So, this is definitely great news, and with the map set to change with Season 8, you’ll soon be able to ride your Driftboard into new and uncharted territory. Some even think that there’ll be a lot more obstacles (think lava and volcanoes) added to the map with the update, which could make the aforementioned vehicle pretty handy when it comes to navigating it, but we’ll just have to wait and see what Epic has in store for us.

In the meantime, I’ll certainly be logging into Fortnite later this week to watch the live event as it unfolds and see the map being torn asunder. Will you?

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