Drinkbox Studios Debut Severed Gameplay At The Playstation Experience


Today, ahead of the Playstation Experience, Drinkbox Studios showcased a brand new gameplay trailer for their upcoming PS Vita title: Severed. The trailer appears to be made up entirely of gameplay footage, and demonstrates that Severed is set to include an array of elements and themes when the game releases.

In the game, players will take on the role of Sasha, a one-armed heroine with the power to wield a living sword as she journeys through a nightmarish world in search of her missing family. Severed will make us of swipe-based combat – think Fruit Ninja, but bigger – as Sasha battles her way past hideous monsters and cunning villains.


The basic combat controls and premise for the game have been revealed before, however, so the devil is in the details with this new trailer. A clip where Sasha, clearly in poor health, dashes towards an overgrown fruit for sustenance demonstrates the inclusion of some survival mechanics for the game, for example. Later in the trailer, an enemy can be seen dropping material loot which Sasha can apparently utilize to upgrade her equipment and to unlock new skills and abilities in an RPG evolutionary style.

Since it was delayed past its initial Summer 2015 release, there has been no confirmation on a new release date and the trailer unfortunately simply promises that Severed is “coming soon.” Seems players won’t get to experience Sasha’s dark adventures until some time in 2016, but on the strength of this trailer it certainly looks like the game could be well worth the wait.