Duke Nukem Forever DLC Plans Revealed

Duke Nukem Forever isn’t even out yet but that doesn’t mean Gearbox isn’t already planning DLC. Euro Gamer has found evidence of three upcoming DLC packs for the game. The first pack will be a weapons pack containing a minigun, noob tube, sticky grenade and BFG (a plasma weapon from Doom and Quake).

The second pack will be a map pack, bringing us three new Deathmatch maps (EDF Base, LKR and Map 3). And finally, the third pack is said to consist of 15 new single player maps, a new weapon called the Impregnader, arm wrestling and karaoke.

Releasing June 14th (the 10th in UK/EU), Duke Nukem Forever is topping many people’s most anticipated list. As I’ve said before, I really want to see this one do well. The wait has been so long now and I’m excited to see the reception it’s met with and how gamers are going to receive it.

Check back next week for our review.

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