Duke Nukem Forever First UK TV Trailer

This could very well be the most harmless trailer 2K games and their Duke of Nuke have produced for the upcoming Duke Nukem Forever. It’s actually rather well done and it didn’t even have to draw on its notoriously popular/unpopular themes of sex jokes, over the top violence, or badass-ery.

With a whole collection of less than family fun promotional trailers, the Duke debuts his first UK T.V. advert with a reasonable amount of restraint. Crazy cool guns, jetpacks, jeeps, and aliens; June is going to be lively to say the least.

Check out the T.V. trailer below. Considering how long this game has been in development hell it’s a miracle we’re actually going to be able to buy it. Some critics are wary that the industry has evolved too much for Duke’s character to be properly hailed as he once was – only time will tell. Let’s face it: there is a lot of competition within FPS at the moment.