Dying Light: The Following Trailer Touts Sheer Size Of New DLC Area


One of the main selling points of next month’s Dying Light: The Following is the sheer scope of its new in-game region, which, according to Techland, will be “twice as big as the maps from the original game.”

It’s one that takes center stage in today’s new trailer, too, though the studio is quick to point out that The Following isn’t just dumping players in a vacant new area; instead, it’s shaping up to be a parkour playground, which ought to fit Dying Light‘s free-flowing gameplay down to a T.

Per Techland:

Size matters. The new region introduced in Dying Light: The Following is twice as big as the maps from the original game and features a range of diverse environments that allow for both driving and free-running. All the locations are full of little details that tell various apocalyptic stories if you look closely and the most inquisitive will surely discover dozens of rewarding secrets.

Dying Light: The Following is a tale that grew in the telling, given that Techland opted to bump the price to $19.99 for the standalone DLC. It’s expected to drop in February for PS4, Xbox One and PC.