Dying Light Has Its Tension Level Upped Via Nighttime Gameplay Trailer


With the release of a brand new (PS4) gameplay trailer, Techland has officially showcased the day to night cycle found within its zombie survival title, Dying Light. Now, we’re able to see just how rowdy and disturbing the game’s undead foes become when the sun dips below the clouds and darkness falls upon the (digitized) landscape.

The noted video is nearly ten minutes-long, and is presented as a mission walkthrough of sorts. As such, it begins with a quest-giver discussion, and then progresses from there. Said beginning occurs during daytime, before the in-game clock begins to cycle through dusk and into nighttime, allowing for a good look at exactly how the zombies’ numbers and demeanours intensify when the lights go out.

Dying Light will bring its parkour-filled zombie survival challenge to PC, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and Xbox One sometime next year.

Thank you to GamerSpawn for the trailer.