New Dynamax Pokémon Revealed In Latest Sword And Shield Trailer


Release day for Pokémon Sword and Shield is fast approaching. With just a few months to go until the Galar region throws open its doors to Trainers new and old alike, hype levels are off the charts. Myriad new features, including the free-roaming Wild area and Raid battles, have prompted huge discussion among the community but there’s one further addition that’s currently the talk of the town. Dynamaxing, a process in which players are able to grow their Pokémon to epic proportions during any given battle, looks set to fill the void left by now-retired Mega Evolution and Z-Move features of past Generations.

Whether building-sized ‘Mons and their unique abilities will prove an adequate replacement for fan favourite Megas remains to be seen, though it appears Game Freak isn’t taking any chances. Last week, the developer revealed a further addition to Sword and Shield‘s Dynamax mechanic in the form of Gigantamaxing. In gameplay terms, the two are largely identical though the latter boasts something extra in the form of appearance-altering attributes.

Only a handful of Pokémon have so far been confirmed as having access to the boosts that Gigantamaxing affords and it remains to be seen just how many will be available in the full game. With that said, however, a new trailer (up above) may shed light on some potential candidates. Gen 1 classics Charizard and Gengar can both be seen performing Dynamax during the footage, potentially hinting that both could receive new forms in-game.

At the very least, it confirms that both critters will be included in the Galar region’s Pokédex which, sadly, isn’t the case for all 800 plus of the existing cast. Game Freak’s controversial decision to restrict the number of Pokémon available in Sword and Shield has rubbed many the wrong way, to say the least. Disappointing news, no doubt, but the developer has subsequently stressed the possibility of more Pokémon being reintroduced in the future via post-launch patches.

Pokémon Sword and Shield are out this November for Nintendo Switch and in case the hardcore collectors among you missed it, an exclusive Switch Lite console themed after the two titles is scheduled to go on sale later this year. Expect fierce competition when it comes to securing a pre-order.