Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires Aims For January 2015 Release Date

Dynasty Warriors 8 was originally released earlier this year during the summer. It was met with mostly lukewarm-to-positive reviews that mainly stated that it was basically the Dynasty Warriors gameplay we’ve all come to expect with a few meaningful tweaks. Now, it looks like developer Omega Force believes that Dynasty Warriors 8 has more to offer and are planning to release a meatier version via Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires on January 2015.

The roster for this re-release tallies up to an impressive 83 warriors. Combine that with a returning Empire mode (think a more fleshed-out campaign) that boasts around 40 battlefields and you should be expecting a pretty good time.

Another aspect that fans are sure to gobble up are the extensive customization options. The original Dynasty Warriors 8 didn’t have a create-a-player feature, but Empires rectifies this, allowing for players to generate their own original warrior. Omega Force also allowed for deeper existing warriors customizations and even the ability to customize your armies, banners, and even horses.

For fans or for anyone familiar with the franchise, you should know that it’s not likely (based off the information released so far) that any major shake-ups to the Dynasty Warriors formula will occur in this latest installment. As long as Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires stays true to its DNA that made it so popular though, then it should undoubtedly be, at the very least, a solid release.

You can pick up your copy of Omega Force’s latest Warriors iteration on PC (digital), PS3 (digital), PS4, and Xbox One come January 30th, 2015.