Fez II Announced With Teaser Trailer

fez 2 logo

In a surprising (and extremely brief) announcement at E3 2013 today, Polytron revealed that they are working on a sequel to Fez — the 2012 hit PC, Mac, and XBLA 2D/3D puzzle adventure game. Unfortunately, no information about Fez II was announced outside of the confirmation that the game exists, so we have no idea when or on what platforms it will be released.

Fez II‘s short announcement came via a teaser trailer (embedded below), which basically consists of Fez-type music playing while a multi-colored line slowly expands to the edges of a black screen. At the point when the line hits the edge of the screen a wireframe Fez II logo appears… and that is it.

The teaser trailer itself contains a very short description, which reads “Fez II by Polytron and DisasterPeace coming to ???? in ????” DisasterPeace is the composer who worked on the soundtrack for the original Fez, which explains why the music in the teaser trailer is consistent with last year’s game.

Check out the Fez II trailer below, and we will let you know as soon as Polytron releases any information about the mysterious sequel.