Conference Times Announced For E3 2014


Christmas for gamers is around the corner, as in just a little over one month’s time is the hyped annual trade-show featuring the big dogs of the industry – well, excluding Nintendo because they still don’t have their head on straight. And as we draw closer to E3 2014‘s heavy-hitting announcements and all-out war for console – or in this case, next-generation – supremacy, a small and steady amount of news is beginning to trickle in.

For example, Microsoft has publicly come out and stated that their conference briefing will take place at 9:30 AM Pacific Standard Time on Monday June 9th. While this isn’t exactly the most exciting news for the trade-show, it does give us an idea of what to expect in terms of scheduling, considering that Microsoft has slotted themselves in this spot annually for quite a few years now.

Rolling along with Microsoft’s announcement, it’s essentially a safe bet that Sony’s conference will take place later that night at around 6PM Pacific Standard Time. There’s always a chance Sony could shuffle things around and go Tuesday, re-examining the focus of the conference based on the success or failure of Microsoft’s conference, but realistically it seems that the schedule will be the one gamers have grown accustomed to. Even more evidence in favor of the schedule coming together as a traditional one is EA electing to follow the Microsoft conference, which has again consistently happened in the previous years.

In other words, prepare to go to bed early on June 8th, so you can be wide awake for that joyous day of non-stop gaming announcements and coverage, which we will also be covering heavily in-depth here at We Got This Covered.

E3 2014 is coming!

Source: Destructoid