E3 2020 Going Ahead Despite Growing Concerns Over Coronavirus

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With coronavirus now confirmed to have spread to every continent bar Antarctica, tensions are understandably beginning to rise. The disease, similar to that of 2003’s SARS outbreak, is a respiratory illness believed to be primarily transmitted between people via close contact with infected persons’ coughing or sneezing, making large public gatherings in heavily affected areas a potential hotbed for its spread.

That being the case, various government authorities and entertainment companies have already put restrictions in place to prevent such large-scale events, with the games industry following suit. Following confirmation from various developers last week that they would be pulling out of planned appearances at PAX East, organizers of the Game Developers Conference (GDC) have indefinitely postponed this year’s event after both Sony and Microsoft confirmed their withdrawal.

And with currently no signs of the disease’s spread coming to a halt, attentions are now turning toward E3 2020. Historically speaking, the convention is considered the biggest annual gaming convention and frequently serves as the platform where platform holders announce new software and hardware. We already know about Xbox Series X, and with Sony having already confirmed it won’t be attending E3, it too will be planning some sort of independent conference to unveil the PlayStation 5.

With that said, however, thousands still flock to the vent every year, and according to organizer ESA, the show will go on as planned despite the current climate. In a statement provided to VICE Games’ Patrick Klepek, a spokesperson said:

Everyone is watching the situation very closely. We will continue to be vigilant, as our first priority is the health, wellness and safety of all our exhibitors and attendees. Given what we know at this time, we are moving ahead full speed with E3 2020 planning. Exhibit and registration are on track for an exciting show in June.

Circumstances could absolutely change between now and the summer, of course, though as of right now, E3 2020 is full steam ahead. Will you be attending? Let us know in the usual place below!