EA Announces Star Wars Battlefront Beta For October, Includes New Multiplayer Mode


As development ramps up on Star Wars Battlefront, the high-profile licensed game is beginning to reach a consumer-ready build. With a closed alpha done and dusted, EA and developer DICE have now announced plans to host a beta test for the shooter, pegging the bout of testing for early October.

No word yet on a specific star date for the beta, though DICE did divulge details relating to the content that will be playable in the early, pre-release build. Placing the much-touted Walker Assault mode front and center, early adopters will spend a large portion of the early playtime with Battlefront on the icy planet of Hoth, as members of the Empire and Rebel Alliance duke it out across the planet’s snowy plains. Perhaps most exciting of all is the fact that players will be able to unlock two of the game’s hero classes: Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.


There’s also the option to jump into one of the shooter’s Survival Missions on Tatooine – out of the freezer and into the frying pan – which pits you and a friend against waves upon waves of enemy soldiers all in an effort to protect your camp.

Fans who have kept track of Star Wars Battlefront during development have likely heard of each of these game modes; however, DICE has teased that the all-new Drop Zone will also be included, with more information due to arrive before the beta test kicks off in a few weeks’ time.

Expect EA and DICE to nail down a concrete start date for the beta at some point in the coming weeks; as expected, no progress from the early build will carry over into the main game.

Star Wars Battlefront will release in full on November 17.