EA Champions Battlefield 1 As “Biggest And Most Innovative” Battlefield Yet


Currently holding the title for the most-liked trailer in YouTube history – skewed by the online spat with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, but impressive nonetheless – DICE’s WWI-set shooter Battlefield 1 has truly nailed the first impression ahead of its arrival in October.

Breaking away from the numbered series – many had assumed the studio was primed to reveal Battlefield 5 – though a trip back to The Great War beckons, and publisher EA believes DICE is cooking up the “biggest and most innovative” Battlefield yet.

Featuring a “deep story and unprecedented variety,” BF1 is reportedly bringing a lot of changes to the franchise’s formula, and not just in terms of time period. Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts, claimed that “with Battlefield 1, we’ve set out to deliver the biggest and most innovative Battlefield game ever, with a deep story and unprecedented variety in the gameplay powered by our Frostbite engine.”

Adding to this, Global Community Manager Dan Mitre noted “everyone at DICE and across EA are totally blown away by the awesome reaction gamers have had to Battlefield 1. Last week, we pulled back the veil to show everyone what we’ve been working on, and we bore witness to incredible support from fans.”

Battlefield 1 is set to make its bow on October 21, followed quickly by Respawn’s Titanfall 2.