EA Closes PS3 Crysis 2 Demo To Fix Problems

Only yesterday we were talking about the issues with the Crysis 2 multiplayer demo, most notably the PS3 version and how it didn’t seem to deliver quite what we had all been expecting. Now EA have said it will retract the PS3 demo off PSN today to look into the problems that players have been experiencing.

There have been no comments on whether the demo is running on an old build of the game or not so in many ways this is good news, because now we know EA and Crytek are aware that fans are not be happy with the standard of the demo.

Official word from EA has said it is closing the demo because a small number of players were experiencing “server connection delays”, but would they close the whole thing for just that? I‘m sure there have been a few problems with people struggling to connect to lobbies but I suspect that EA and Crytek will be looking very closely at several other things.

Even if they are indeed simply fixing some connectivity bugs it’s slightly ironic that Crytek man Nathan Camarillo only yesterday tried to reassure fans that the Xbox counterpart was exactly the same as the PS3 version, despite very loud and verbal contradictions from players, and then the following morning the demo is hastily withdrawn. I still don’t see how they can make the game look drastically better and make that huge leap across ‘wow’ canyon with a few days of tweaking. I just have to hope that the full game (which will already be on the production line and getting shipped out everywhere) is years beyond the sample of Crysis 2 that disappointed me so much.

EA have released a new trailer which once again shows off that uber-slick Crysis that caught my attention all those months ago…althought it appears to be running on a PC…which might explain alot. Check it out below and share your thoughts on the whole debate in the comments section.

On reflection and to ease my feeling of guilt; I have just finished the Killzone 3 campaign for the second time, which may have unfairly prepared an unrealistic standard for Crysis 2 in my mind. I guess we’ll see what changed are made to the PS3 demo, and i should admit that I was impressed with the Xbox demo, it’s just I shouldn’t be noticing a difference on the two consoles…

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