EA Has Ruled Out The Possibility Of Paid-For DLC In Need For Speed Reboot


Publisher EA has ruled out the possibility of implementing paid-for DLC in the upcoming Need for Speed reboot.

That’s according to an exhaustive Q&A posted by the company in light of yesterday’s delay to the PC version of the game, where EA ran through all manner of thoughts and concerns including customization options, technical specs and the decision to ditch both DLC and in-game micro-transactions.

On the topic of how Need for Speed will perform on consoles, Swedish dev Ghost Games – extending its time at the helm after 2013’s Rivals – revealed that the framerate is locked at 30 frames-per-second, with both developer and publisher taking heed of the game’s considerable production values. In fear of compromising the actual performance of NFS across Xbox One and PS4, the decision was then made to prioritize smooth, consistent gameplay.

“For any driving game a steady frame rate is incredibly important, and with Need for Speed we’re delivering super high production values when it comes to both visuals and sound,” reads the FAQ. “We always look to maximize the game technology with the platform technology for the experience we’re building, which is why the game will run at 30fps on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

“By doing this we ensure that your gameplay experience remains incredibly smooth and allows you to experience the high speed gameplay you’ve come to expect from the Need for Speed series.”

Up until now, EA is checking all the right boxes prior to Need for Speed‘s debut in November. While PC owners were left disappointed in the wake of yesterday’s postponement, the company made the decision in order to implement the option to unlock the game’s framerate – a feature that had been high on the community’s wishlist for months.

Need For Speed is receiving a final coat of paint ahead of its arrival on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 3 and November 5 in North America and in other territories, respectively. However, yesterday’s announcement means that the reboot won’t drift onto PC platforms into early 2016.