EA Opening Up Extra Star Wars Battlefront Servers To Cope With Beta Demand

Star Wars Battlefront

Make no mistake, the ongoing Star Wars Battlefront beta is the talk of the town in the video game industry, with vast swathes of players populating Hoth and Tatooine to stress-test DICE’s high-profile licensed title. In fact, such was the demand on PC that the studio – along with publisher EA – was forced to boot up additional servers to cope with the unforeseen player count.

Taking to the game’s official Twitter account, EA acknowledged that connectivity had been less than stellar on the platform, and users should experience a marked improvement once the extra servers go live later today – even as the traffic increases over the course of the weekend.

In related news, eagled-eyed PC users uncovered a whole host of unconfirmed information just yesterday. Upon data-mining the source code for the actual beta file, these technical wizards seemed to uncover a series of as-yet-unconfirmed Hero characters – namely Han Solo and Princess Leia – along with a new-fangled mode called Hero Battle. Whether or not DICE is intending to reveal these purported features is unclear at this time, but with little over a month to go until release, we’ll find out very soon one way or the other.

EA and DICE is set to host the ongoing beta throughout the weekend, coming to an end on Monday, October 12. The weeks that follow will involve fine-tuning and tweaking the experience based on incremental feedback, all in preparation for Star Wars Battlefront‘s launch on November 17.

Source: Twitter