EA Plans To Double Down On Star Wars Games In The Future

star wars squadrons

Video game developer EA intends to ‘double down’ on Star Wars-based titles moving forward, or so the company’s executives announced in a recently-released ‘fireside chat.’

During the conversation, CEO Andrew Wilson boasted of his team’s healthy relations with Disney and Lucasfilm. Since these two powerhouses own the rights to George Lucas’ intergalactic creations, such a connection is integral when it comes to producing high-quality Star Wars games.

EA is currently developing its third triple-A title based on the beloved film franchise. Titled Star Wars: Squadrons, it will be a first-person online multiplayer experience whose unique combat mechanics appeal to smaller markets than previous titles such as Battlefront and Jedi: Fallen Order. 

While EA – otherwise known as Electronic Arts – is one of the most lucrative video game developers on the face of the earth, it’s not one of the most beloved. In this age of additional downloadable content, the company has earned itself quite a sinister reputation for putting income over quality. And as far as its Star Wars titles go, this reputation certainly holds up. Although all of the EA games that are set in a galaxy far, far away feature mind-blowing, state-of-the-art graphics, their gameplay options have mostly been multiplayer rather than single player.

That last part proves particularly disappointing because, while multiplayer games are by far the most popular, they’re also the least immersive and easiest to make. One of the best qualities of the Star Wars films is their world-building, something which is downplayed in multiplayer titles but could be explored in greater detail through a single player campaign.

Whether EA will end up creating another single player title in the future remains to be seen. Given how they’re doubling down and all though, it seems probable. But then again, the company’s sly ways should not be underestimated.