EA Will Reportedly Reveal A New Star Wars Game Next Week


EA is reportedly gearing up to reveal a brand new Star Wars game next week.

That’s according to Cinelinx’s Jordan Maison, at least, who has been teasing a big announcement for as soon as next week. Responding to his own post yesterday reminding fans not to forget about an unnamed mystery project currently in the works at EA’s Motive studio, Maison adds: “Oh hey, maybe you should keep an eye out next week…” Putting aside the validity of Maison’s comments – which, for the sake of speculation, we’re going to assume are accurate – what exactly should fans expect to see of Star Wars‘ next video game adventure and, perhaps even more importantly still, at which event will it debut?

Sadly, there are no concrete answers to speak of at this point, though we can already think of one likely candidate.

While confirmation of when Sony’s big PlayStation 5 reveal is due to take place is still forthcoming, June 3rd has been put forward by a number of industry insiders as a date to make note of.

Should that be the case, Motive’s Star Wars project being showcased here is definitely plausible, though equally questionable. EA has traditionally preferred to announce its latest and greatest games at self-run gigs like EA Play. The event, which is usually held to coincide with E3 (in case you hadn’t heard, it’s cancelled this year) is still scheduled to go ahead on June 11th and would make far more sense as the stage to unveil a new Star Wars experience. Then again, it’s always possible that EA is aware of the increased exposure its products would get at Sony’s conference, what with the massive audience that’s sure to tune in for a first look at the PS5.

Frustratingly, we’ll ultimately just have to wait for June to roll around in order to learn the truth, meaning you’ve got plenty of time to let us know what you want from a next-gen Star Wars game in the usual place below!