EA To Show Off Major Blockbuster At E3 2014


The E3 2014 news continues to roll in, as EA CEO Andrew Wilson is now teasing the reveal of a major game that will run on the critically acclaimed Frostbite engine and is set for a Q3 fiscal year release, which falls under the release window of Q4 2014 for gamers. Essentially, you should be on the lookout for whatever this mysterious game is sometime during October or November.

Immediately, this feels like a subtle way of announcing the next entry in the Battlefield franchise, as EA isn’t ready to roll over and lie down in defeat for Activision and their annual cultural phenomenon Call of Duty series. This would also make Battlefield an annual franchise as well, considering that it was only last year we saw the latest entry in EA’s popular take on military shooters.

There is also the possibility that the game could be the heavily anticipated Star Wars: Battlefront title, but EA has already confirmed that the title will be seen in action at E3, so it doesn’t make much sense to hype it up as a surprise mystery announcement. Although, bait and switches should never be put past large corporations like EA, so it’s entirely possible that they are just talking about Star Wars: Battlefront.

Even less of a possibility, although still entirely realistic, could be a shocking reveal of Mass Effect 4. It would cover all of the bases; a huge announcement that would get gamers buzzing about EA’s press conference and that – most crucially to the argument – would run on the Frostbite engine.

Tell us, what do you think EA has in store for gamers with this highly teased announcement for E3 2014? Let us know by commenting below.

Source: CVG