Star Wars: Battlefront Pegged For Spring 2015; Behind The Scenes Video Also Released


DICE’s much-anticipated venture to a galaxy far, far away was briefly showcased during EA’s E3 press conference this morning, with the company teasing a release window of spring 2015 for Star Wars: Battlefront.

In tandem with the announcement, DICE also published a behind the scenes look at the development mantra within the Sweden-based studio, and you can check out that footage in question below.

Not only that, the company’s dedication to fidelity has meant trips to famous location shoots associated with the Star Wars universe to gather the feel and “emotion” of each locale, including the harsh, icy environments of Hoth and the forest of Endor from Return of the Jedi. Star Wars: Battlefront will also incorporate original models used in George Lucas’ genre-defining franchise, including AT-ATs and menial droids.

Nevertheless, this release window should still be considered rather tentative, after COO’s Peter Moore’s interview with IGN:

“We’re going to treat this with respect, particularly because people have a very clear idea of what a Battlefront game should be. When we’re comfortable, we’ll announce a release date.”

We can expect to hear more information pertaining to Star Wars: Battlefront over the next few days, so stay tuned.