Will EA’s Battlefield Premium Break Battlefield 3?

Coming up with original ideas is hard. Luckily, Electronic Arts has no real intention of doing so and is satisfied with copying their competitors in any way they can. Starting June 4th, EA will reportedly introduce Battlefield Premium, allowing players access to the controversial service.

The service is set to cost $50, and will contain all five expansion packs for Battlefield 3, all future DLC, exclusive in-game items, the power to reset stats and the ability to cut in line while waiting for a server. Essentially, EA has found a way to make a lot of extra money off their title, as players unwilling to buy into Battlefield Premium are going to be punished at the expense of those willing to part with some more cash.

When reached for comment, EA told Joystiq;

“Looks like the excitement for Battlefield Premium cannot be contained. For details, please visit Battlefield.com on June 4.”

Check out the leaked feature list below, and let us know just how furious you are in the comments below.

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