EA’s Need For Speed Reboot Is All About Car Customization


Remember fine-tuning and modding your beloved first ride in Underground 2 for Ps2? Or perhaps losing the cops after a riotous chase in Most Wanted? Whatever your favorite memory of the Need for Speed franchise may be, developer Ghost Games is hoping to pull all of the best elements of the long-running arcade series and filter it into this year’s anticipated reboot.

In fact, the Swedish studio even goes so far as to claim that November’s release acts as the “definitive edition” of gaming’s most exhilarating racer. Set across a vast and interconnected open-world – one said to be twice the size of Rivals – the latest gameplay clip is doubling down on the sheer amount of customization options, with players able to pull apart their prized possession and add their own personal touches. This level of player agency has been missing from the Need for Speed franchise in recent years, and we can’t wait to get under the hood of Ghost Games’ reboot in November.

Become the ultimate icon when Need for Speed returns November 3rd, 2015 on PS4, Xbox One and PC in an action driving experience that unites the culture of speed.

Built around real world icons are five action-packed overlapping stories. Every choice, every second and every minute propels your progression through the five ways to play; Speed, Build, Crew, Style and Outlaw.

Lastly, the gameplay trailer seems to mix live-action footage and gameplay in a set-up not unlike Guitar Hero Live. How exactly the studio will explore that in the final build remains to be seen, but it’s an exciting addition nonetheless.

Need for Speed returns on November 3 after a brief spell on the sidelines. Expect Ghost Games’ racer to launch across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.