Our Favorite Video Game Easter Eggs

There’s nothing better than finding an Easter egg in one of your favorite games. These little surprises can either be difficult to reach, or they could be so obscure that normal people just pass them by. Chances are, if you’re been gaming for a while, you’ve probably stumbled across one or two of these little gems in your time. We’d love to hear your top Easter eggs in the comments section but before you share your opinion, check out some of our favorites.

Throwing Money At Strippers In Duke Nukem 3D:

While the Duke is catching flak for his latest game, let us remember how he could throw money at strippers in Duke Nukem 3D. And while this moment isn’t completely as mysterious as the rest of the Easter eggs out there; it still blew the minds of gamers when Duke dished out the cash to the ladies. Ah, memories.

Turret Opera Practice In Portal 2:

The turret opera at the end of the game was heartbreakingly sweet. If you managed to find the turrets practicing, you’ll get a neat and catchy tune to do some science to! It’s a nice touch by Valve and if you’re able to experience it, it will likely put a smile on your face.

Vigo the Carpathian In Ghostbusters The Game:

While the second Ghostbusters movie wasn’t as good as the first; a tour around the Ghostbusters HQ will reveal that the gang keeps the painting of Vigo under close watch. Even better, if you stick around long enough, Vigo will talk to you! For fans of the movies, this is a true treat of nostalgia. As an added bonus, if you take a ride down the fire pole, you can grab an achievement called Does this pole still work?

Big Grunty Thirst in Halo:

It’s one of the oddest easter eggs out there but if you find a lone grunt hiding amongst the rooms in the MAW (which is the last level of the game), he’ll be hoping to score some meal time since he’s worked up a “big grunty thirst.” It’s an old Easter Egg but one that’s still worth seeking out, especially for fans of the franchise.

Metroid found in Starcraft 2:

If you were one of the millions of the people that bought Starcraft 2, then you’ll be interested to know that Blizzard has a soft spot for Nintendo’s great franchise, Metroid. How is this possible? Well, a little Metroid can be found in either a multiplayer map or in a secret facility in the single player campaign. Both of them will be trapped in a water filled tube, because let’s face it, we don’t need to worry about the Zerd and Metroids in the same game, right?

The Classic Evil Dead car in Alan Wake:

The Evil Dead trilogy has achieved cult level stardom in many ways and its influence can be seen in games like World of Warcraft and Starcraft, but Alan Wake has the ultimate Easter Egg with the “classic” tan oldsmobile (a favorite of director Sam Raimi) being very visible in the game’s monologue. Hail to the car, baby!

Tell us about your favorite Easter eggs in the comments.

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