Ed Boon Appears To Be Teasing Yet Another DLC Character For Injustice 2


Ed Boon just can’t help himself.

Not even two weeks since his teaser heavy appearance at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this month, the Injustice 2 director and figurehead of developer NetherRealm Studios is back at it again, having posted a peculiar image on Twitter that looks to be hinting at yet another new roster addition. The picture in question, which you can see for yourselves below, appears to show an armor-clad individual hunched over on the ground, accompanied with the equally mysterious caption of a face looking skyward.

Now, we should stress right off the bat that the above isn’t necessarily indicative of new content for Injustice 2, but given what’s depicted, it’s hard not to think otherwise. As fans of NetherRealm’s Mortal Kombat series have no doubt already sussed out, Boon’s latest teaser almost undoubtedly features none other than Cyrax, a once-human cyborg ninja and Lin Keui member.

The unmistakable yellow color is the most obvious giveaway that supports our suspicions, but there are other tells, too. The blackened shoulder blades, while very possibly scorch marks, could just as likely be Cyrax’s ‘blood.’ Both he and fellow ‘bot Sektor expel the blackened substance in place of the usual crimson-tinged fluid that the rest of Mortal Kombat‘s fleshier cast spill by the bucket load, so it could be that the poor bloke has just suffered a rather savage beating.

For the sake of comparison, we’ve included an image of Cyrax below which, while sporting a different shade of yellow armor, shares many similarities with Boon’s teaser.

So, does this confirm Cyrax to be part of Injustice 2‘s upcoming Fighter Pack 2? It’s still too early to say, but if we’re to assume that another MK icon is to join additional DC characters as Sub-Zero did with Fighter Pack 1, then he’s certainly high on the list of possibilities.

Boon stated during an interview at SDCC that the announcement trailer for Fighter Pack 2 would be coming “very soon,” so there shouldn’t be too long of a wait to see what NetherRealm’s cooking up behind closed doors. Watch this space for more!

Source: ComicBook

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