Ed Boon Talks Sub-Zero’s Inclusion In Injustice 2, Teases Black Manta As DLC


By now, many of you are well-versed in all things related to Injustice 2, the latest installment in NetherRealm’s critically acclaimed fighter showcasing somewhat different takes on DC’s most iconic superheroes and villains. Hailing from a neighboring universe, these versions of Superman, Batman, Harley Quinn and others have captivated fans everywhere, especially those who dig the “Elseworlds” stuff.

As is the case with most top tier games these days – especially ones in this genre – a generous amount of DLC is expected in the months following its wide release. So far, the likes of Starfire, Red Hood and even Mortal Kombat’s Sub-Zero have joined the party. Not surprisingly, the Lin Kuei assassin was given a superhero makeover of sorts thanks to DC co-publisher and legendary artist, Jim Lee.

Recently, creative director Ed Boon spoke with DC All Access’ Rahul Kohli (known to DC TV devotees as Ravi from iZombie) about the character’s inclusion, citing it as a natural followup to having Scorpion show up in the first game. Of course, his redesign was addressed as well, with Boon saying it was necessary to give him “a little bit more flair,” in addition to touching on Sub-Zero’s newfound teleporting ability, something we don’t usually think of him as having. But, hey, this is a re-imagining, right?

Also of note is that of Boon actually addressing the possibility of Black Manta being a part of a future DLC wave. As you may recall, his silhouette was spotted in a swiftly corrected character select screen and some promo material, and you didn’t need to be the most eagle-eyed person in order to identify his patented helmet. That said, he’s willing to concede there’s “a chance” that Aquaman’s foe will be added to Injustice 2‘s roster, but all signs point toward it being a certainty.

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