El Diablo’s Domain DLC Launching For Guacamelee


Drinkbox Studios has put together another bit of downloadable content to further extend the life of their PSN hit Guacamelee. The DLC, which launches as part of tonight’s PlayStation Store update in North America and on July 24 in Europe, goes by the name of El Diablo’s Domain.

In it, players can expect to find a new area to explore, which contains 17 challenging trials to get through and earn medals with speedy completion times. These medals can be used to unlock three new costumes for protagonist Juan, including one based on Mexican soccer star Jorge Campos, another based on Mexican folk art, and one resembling El Diablo himself. El Diablo’s Domain costs $2.99 in North America.

We will keep you updated on future Guacamelee news as it develops. For now, tell us, will you be picking up the new DLC?