‘Elden Ring’ speedrun world record continues to be beaten, now at 34 minutes

Two hand - Elden Ring
Image via BANDAI NAMCO Europe/YouTube

Elden Ring speedruns continue to get better as Distortion2 has now beat his own world record, recording the fastest time yet of just under 34 minutes.

The YouTuber quickly took first place in the Elden Ring any percent leaderboards with his very first run clocking in at 49 minutes. Having shaved time from that number consistently over the weekend, the streamer today recorded their best time yet.

In the ‘any percent’ speedrun category, players only need to reach the game’s final credits using whatever route they choose. This means that not all bosses need to be beaten and, as Distiortian shows off in his run, there are very few that do.

Starting with the Samurai class, Distortion rushed through the map using some impressive platforming and glitching to reach Mt. Gelmir before facing their first boss. From here, the YouTuber progressed along the Atlus Plateau to reach Farum Azula and face the Godskin Duo.

Once the Godskin Duo are beaten it’s business as usual next facing Malkieth, however, a glitch is used to skip Godfrey before taking on the game’s final boss the Elden Beast. After completing all of this Distortion’s time ended at 33:55.

While this time might already be extremely impressive, there is still room for improvement and as more skips are found the time could be worked down even quicker.

Elden Ring is a massive game with a ton of content to explore. As more speedrun categories are attempted it remains to be seen who can complete 100 percent of its content the fastest.