The Elder Scrolls: Legends Gets Full Release On PC, First Single-Player Expansion Detailed

The Elder Scrolls: Legends has left beta testing and is now available as a full release on PC, Bethesda has announced. The collectible card game, which is also free-to-play, is based on the popular RPG series of the same name and immortalizes many of its characters, monsters and other entities in card form. In breaking the good news on its blog, Bethesda thanks fans for its invaluable feedback over the last several months, stating that it’s “extremely proud to officially remove the ‘Beta’ tag” from the title.

Rather than take a well-deserved break following the PC launch, though, Bethesda appears to have its schedule full to the brim with releases planned for other platforms, as well as the first content expansion for the card game. Fall of the Dark Brotherhood is the name of the add-on, and will cast players in the role of a “double agent hired to infiltrate the ranks of The Dark Brotherhood.” That’s scheduled to launch April 5, but not before The Elder Scrolls: Legends gets a global release on iPad towards the end of March. See the roadmap below for all currently announced platform release dates.

  • iPad – March 23
  • Android Tablets – April
  • Mac OS – May
  • Mobile Phones – Early Summer

Having spent a few hours with the game myself during the beta period, I came away quite impressed by the overall package offered with Bethesda’s foray into the card game scene, especially its flagship feature, which splits the playable board into two separate, equally important parts. With Blizzard’s Hearthstone continuing to hold pole position in the genre and the upcoming arrival of CD Projekt’s Gwent: The Witcher Card Game also on the cards, what kind of a foothold The Elder Scrolls: Legends can get in the market remains to be seen, but the quality and enjoyment factors are certainly there. We’ll see what the future brings.