Elder Scrolls Online Teases Us With A Shiny New Trailer

The Elder Scrolls Online has already managed to become one of the most talked about games in recent memory without really telling people anything of real merit about the game. The MMO that’s not really a MMO but secretly plays like an MMO has stirred up a bit of controversy with its claim to toe the line between single player and traditional MMO, and some have argued that little has been shown that would truly separate it from other fantasy MMO’s on the market such as World Of Warcraft.

While Bethesda still hasn’t released too many details, we were treated to a teaser trailer during E3. The trailer doesn’t show much outside of a quick look at a few races and classes, but surely this will be enough to raise the blood pressure of a few Elder Scrolls fans.

So what say you, reader? What will it take for you to get interested in The Elder Scrolls Online, or are you already sold?