The Elder Scrolls Online Will Take Full Advantage Of The PS4 Pro’s 4K Capability


The Elder Scrolls Online will take full advantage of the PS4 Pro‘s 4K capabilities when the console launches later this year, Bethesda has announced. Unlike other titles showcased at last night’s event in New York, Besthesda says that The Elder Scrolls Online won’t emulate or target the resolution, but will run in native 4K from day one.

Of course, you’ll still need to fork out the cash for a 4K TV or monitor to take full advantage of the increased visual fidelity, but the publisher says that even if you’re running the MMO on a 1080p HD television, you’ll still see an increase in graphical quality.

Besthesda’s also released a new trailer of the game running on PS4 Pro, but again, you’ll need a 4K monitor to get the full effect of how much the upgrade has improved the look of ESO‘s various dimly-lit dungeons and grassy landscapes.

The PS4 Pro launches this November for $399.99 and will be home to the definitive editions of Sony exclusives Horizon: Zero Dawn and Spider-Man PS4. Not all areas of the PlayStation experience will be improved upon with the console though, with Naughty Dog lead programmer Christian Gyrling revealing yesterday that it won’t improve the frame rate of multiplayer titles in order to maintain consistency across all models.