Enjoy Six New Minutes Of Gorgeous Super Mario 3D World Gameplay Footage

super mario 3d world box art - slider

Nintendo of Japan released a brand new introduction trailer for Super Mario 3D World today, giving platforming fans six minutes of beautiful new gameplay footage from the upcoming Wii U title.

While much of the video covers familiar ground for those who have been keeping up with all the latest Super Mario 3D World news, there are a few surprises spread out over the course of the trailer. Personally, I had no idea that the giant mushrooms from New Super Mario Bros. DS were in the upcoming game, or that you could carry around a Piranha Plant and have it munch up enemies!

I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed when Super Mario 3D World was announced back at E3, because it wasn’t a continuation of the Mario Galaxy series. After getting some hands-on time with it at one of the Best Buy events, and seeing all of the new assets over the last few months, I have come around on the title. In fact, at this point it is probably my most anticipated Holiday 2013 game.

Check out the latest Super Mario 3D World trailer embedded below, and look for more coverage on the Wii U platformer as we get closer to its launch on November 22nd.